New product!

Magnetic 3-Spray Can Rack with Paper Roll Holder

This All-New product can hold 3 spray cans and 1 paper roll the same time!

It is a very useful item when you are working at your garage!

Magnetic Sockets Holder

The features are: 

1. Can adjust the angle of socket holder.

2. Can storage on the tool cabinet 


3. Also can storage into the drawer of a tool cabinet.

New product!

magnetic drills/bit sockets holder


There is a super strong Neodym magnet on the back of this product, you can put it on a tool cabinet or machine very tightly.  

new product!

Magnetic Ratchet Handle Holders

Item No, EJP-063RH/095RH/127RH


▶Compact size, lightness, high performance for holding your Ratchet Handles.

▶3 super strong Neodym magnets on the back. More stable to secure the light bar to metal tool boxes, cabinets, tool carts, peg boards, work spaces and any metal surfaces.

▶Monolithic molding aluminum body is stylish and durable.


• 3pcs Super Strong Neodym magnets on the back side.

• Aluminium body with alumite coating.

• Made in Taiwan

※For 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" Ratchet Handles

Quick release magnetic parts tray(PAT.)


This quick release parts holder can fixed screws, nails, small drill bits, 
small bolts, small bearings, or parts, and has an easy release device.
One touch and push,the magnet ordinarily releases all the metal that it is holding.

It also can hang on the wall or nonmetal surface by screws.


Magnet Base: Φ50mm
Magnet Base: Φ50mm

A great item with super strong magnet for extensive purposes.
It bears the weight up to 3 kgs.

Magnetic Pliers Holder EJ-1200

9pcs Plier Rack
you may remove the holder in/out on the rail
or change any size of holder or add/reduce as long as you want.
Material:ABS plastic

Standard Contants:
Long rail:350mm X1
Big socket X4 Dia:23mm
Small socket X5 Dia:18mm 
Strong magnets X2

Magnetic Screwdrivers Holder EJ-1201


9pcs Screwdriver Rack
you may remove the tube in/out on the rail
or change any size of holder or add/reduce as long as you want.
Material:ABS plastic

Standard contants:
Long rail:350mm X1
Big socket X3
Middle socket X3
Small socket X3
Strong magnets X2

Magnetic Tools Bar EJ-10018

The magnetic tool holder contains 6 strong magnets.(Long type)
Screws for wall fixing included. 
Screws for TCW fixing includes in TC603 and TCW707 
Materials :
Holder - plastic ( ABS ) 
Magnet - heavy duty 1000 gauss permanent magnet 
Protective covering - tough stainless steel will not corrode
Size : 
18"/45mm (Long type, 6 magnets)

12"/300 mm (Short type, 4 magnets)

Magnetizer-Demagnetizer EJ-10010

Simply place the tip of screwdriver into.
Screwdriver can be hold screws on tip for quick starting in tight areas.
Demagnetizes tools just as quickly.


Magnetic Fender Cover EJ-5070

Magnetic Fender Cover EJ-5070-A

You can protect the fenders on your classic car while doing repairs with these top quality fender covers. Manufactured from a cushion-soft, non-slip material, FenderGripper fender covers will not slide off or move around when in use.
Outside -PVC Leather. 
Inside – Soft Lining with Strong Magnets X 8pcs.

Magnetic Screwdrivers & Tools Holder


Magnetic Bracelet


The magnetic bracelet is a convenient helper for a handyman. Nuts,bolts,bails, and tacks are held to the magnetic surface for easy access.

Magnetic impact wrench holder



4pcs Super magnets 1,500gauss with non-sliding rubber can holding to 7kgs. Designed to hold Air Impact Wrench /Torque Wrench,and Impact Socket,the Angle of Torque Wrench holder can be adjusted. Size:(L)360mmX(W)94mmX(T)120mm Material:Steel with Powder Coating Load:5kg Ring Shape: Open Socket Holder:1/4 Magnet:(L)110mm X(W)20mm X(T)8mm X 4pcs


Kneeling pad


  • 材質:NBR樹脂発泡材
  • 携帯に便利の取っ手デザインあり
  • 台湾製
  • 防水、汚れ防止加工あり

作業時やスポーツ時による体の痛みと服の汚れをお守りしましょう! 自動車の修理、タイヤ交換あるいはご自宅での体操やスポーツに最適! ひざや服を汚すことなく、長時間の作業による痛みも感じさせません。快適にご使用いただけます。 お行楽の際にシート代わりとしても簡単に携帯できます。 スペース取らず、収納時もスッキリです。 防水加工済みですので、水洗い出来ます。お手入れが非常に簡単です!              

Magnetic Spray Can Holder ES-450LM

Size:(L)450mm x (H)140mm X (D)90mm
With strong magnets (L)110mm X (W)20mm X(T)8mm X 4pcs
The spray can rack holds 4 cans or similarly sized bottles neatly and out of the way. The rack, constructed from 14ga steel and coated with a durable epoxy finish, installs quickly and easily, and barely takes up any more space than the 4 cans it holds.

★We also have 2 cans type, 3 cans type, and 6 cans type. 

6 cans type!
6 cans type!

Magnetic Parts Bowl  ES-10002WS/ES-10002WL

Newly designed plastic Magnetic Parts Bowl is perfect for holding easy to lose small parts. Great for garage, engine, and household work, etc. Strong magnetic base is covered with rubber and is fuel and oil resistant. It can be attached to any ferromagnetic metal surface


magnetic t-wrench holder


New-designed coating magnetic T-Bar holder is perfect for your working. 
The magnetic holder can accommodate more than 5 pieces T-Bars.
Attach aside the tool cabinet and spare space. Bear up to 3kgs


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